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Published: February 12, 2023

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Ridge Clean Energy have submitted an application for planning permission, for a Renewable Energy Park with solar export capacity of 49.9MW with matched battery storage capacity at their proposed Fair Oaks site to the south of Nottingham.

The Fair Oaks Renewable Energy Park would make a significant contribution to the UK’s domestic energy supply. The project would generate 71,336MWh annually which equates to the average annual energy usage of 11,200 homes. The Fair Oaks site would include at least 100MWh of battery energy storage units to maximise the site’s energy generation.

Ridge Clean Energy has the community at the heart of its ethos. Before Ridge sites have reached planning or become operational, substantial amount of time is invested in communities building partnerships and helping get community-led projects off the ground.

Marjorie Glasgow BEM, co-founder of Ridge Clean Energy says, “We develop each project with the scope to do so much more than generate power. We believe that combining clean energy with the needs of communities is the most powerful way to tackle climate change and its impacts.” She adds “Our local contributions and up-front seed capital go over and above the Community Benefit Fund.”

Jonny Murphy Project Manager says, “The Fair Oaks Renewable Energy Park could help the local community adapt to big challenges currently facing communities in the UK – climate change, domestic energy security, and the rising cost of living. We’ve also worked closely with ecology and landscape specialists to deliver an energy park that results in a 75% net gain in habitat which would support local biodiversity. The site could continue to be used for agriculture with the Applicant’s intention to enter into a sheep grazing licence at the appropriate time. Business rates will be calculated nearer the time of operation and would be given to the local council to spend within the local area.”

Fair Oaks Renewable Energy Park – Technical summary and benefits

  • The energy generated by the proposed Fair Oaks project is equivalent to powering approximately 11,200 Nottinghamshire homes and could provide a direct connect for local industry and businesses.
  • Business rates will be calculated nearer the time of operation and would be given to Rushcliffe Borough Council to spend within the local area.
  • Fair Oaks should have an operational life of up to 40-years.
  • Fair Oaks would benefit local biodiversity by 75% net gain through wildflower meadow and species rich grassland between the panels, chosen specifically to compliment the local ecology by providing a plentiful supply of food and shelter. Specifically 83 ha of agriculturally improved grassland to be planted to create a diverse meadow plant community, 3.2km of new native hedgerow, 0.45 ha of new native broadleaved woodland, Barn Owl, bat and song bird boxes, and habitat to encourage local bees.
  • Grassland between and below the panels would be managed using either a specialist solar management team or via through grazing stock (sheep).
  • At the end of its operational period, the site would be fully decommissioned and returned to its original land-use, with the added benefit of increased organic soil carbon content.

About Ridge Clean Energy

  • Ridge Clean Energy (RCE) is an Oxfordshire-based clean energy company, and its team has an established and successful history of working with landowners and local communities to research, develop, finance, construct and operate renewable projects across the UK.
  • RCE supports businesses and communities across the UK in their mission to become net zero by 2050, combining renewable energy projects with a community hub and integrated app.
  • The Ridge team is unique in their ability to work with local groups to determine how projects can support local activities. We look at all opportunities to add value in a local context, including peatland restoration and biodiversity enhancement.
  • More information about what we do can be found here, and you can watch our community ethos video here.

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