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Published: July 19, 2023

This Article was Written by: Betsy Glasgow-Vasey - Ridge Clean Energy


Ridge Clean Energy Ltd (RCE) was proud to join over 100 of the UK’s largest businesses in a letter to the Prime Minister calling for “a renewed focus and commitment to delivery” of net zero and the green economy.

Backed by household names including Tesco, BT, Unilever, Amazon, Centrica and M&S, the letter signed by RCE makes clear the need for “faster action” and that without the Government’s clear leadership and commitment, “the UK will be left behind”.

The companies also highlighted the economic opportunities that the net zero transition brings, agreeing that making the most of these opportunities “will generate growth and prosperity across the country” and channelling investments in this way is “the right thing to do for the future of our planet”.

As emphasised in the letter, polls show that British people “support a green future”. Support for investments into renewables is particularly overwhelming, with 77% of the public wanting the Government to “use wind and solar farms to reduce energy bills”, and 76% supporting building renewable energy projects in their local area, according to the results of Survation’s national poll last autumn.

RCE fully supports the joint call for more committed direction from the UK Government. Marjorie Neasham Glasgow, CEO, said: “It is right to come together across UK industries to highlight the need for a lower-carbon economy, not only in terms of climate repair, but also in light of the pivotal economic moment we find ourselves in. Innovation is key to economic growth and carbon reduction particularly when it comes to our energy systems. RCE are committed to developing renewable projects that directly benefit local communities.  Our work supports national net zero targets and energy security targets.”

To see the full letter and the list of companies, click here.



  • Ridge Clean Energy (RCE) is an Oxfordshire-based clean energy company, and its team has an established and successful history of working with landowners and local communities to research, develop, finance, construct and operate renewable projects across the UK.
  • RCE supports businesses and communities across the UK in their mission to become net zero by 2050, combining renewable energy projects with a community hub and integrated app.
  • The Ridge team is unique in their ability to work with local groups to determine how projects can support local activities. We look at all opportunities to add value in a local context, including peatland restoration and biodiversity enhancement.
  • RCE’s portfolio of 10 Renewable Energy Parks are currently in various stages of development with a combined total of over 500MW of Renewable Energy and 500MW of Battery Storage. These include a range of technologies, including Onshore Wind, Solar Photovoltaics and Battery Energy Storage Systems.
  • The communities of these projects have already received support from RCE as their whole ethos is committed to early engagement with communities for the duration of their projects.
  • More information about what we do can be found here, and you can watch our community ethos video


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