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Published: June 28, 2024

This Article was Written by: Betsy Glasgow-Vasey - Ridge Clean Energy


Our CEO, Marjorie Neasham Glasgow, has authored a compelling piece for the London Evening Standard, outlining how renewable energy parks can significantly accelerate our progress toward a net zero future.

The Vision for a Greener Future

In the article, Marjorie emphasises the importance of leveraging the UK’s abundant natural resources. According to a Friends of the Earth report, England alone could generate 13 times more renewable energy while utilising less than 3% of its land. This highlights the potential for green energy without compromising agricultural production or urban development.

The Power of Co-Location

Marjorie speaks about the value of co-location of solar, wind, and battery storage within single renewable energy parks as a game-changing solution. This approach maximises efficiency, balancing the generation patterns of solar and wind energy throughout the day and year. For example, integrating wind turbines into a solar site can double green energy production, meeting local energy needs more effectively and reducing the reliance on long-distance transmission.

Economic and Environmental Benefits

The integration of battery storage further optimises energy use, smoothing out generation fluctuations and stabilising the grid. This is particularly crucial in high-demand areas like the South East. Co-located sites also offer significant economic advantages through shared infrastructure costs and economies of scale, ultimately leading to more resilient and abundant power supplies and lower electricity prices.

Community and Biodiversity Gains

Marjorie also highlights how local communities benefit from higher revenues generated by co-located sites. These funds can support vital community projects, such as the restoration of Inveraray Pier in Loch Fyne, Argyllshire. Additionally, co-locating renewable energy infrastructure minimizes land disturbance, protecting sensitive ecosystems and promoting biodiversity.

A Call to Action

As nearly 50% of the UK’s electricity now comes from renewable sources, we are on the right path. However, to meet the 2050 net zero targets, we need innovative solutions like co-located renewable energy parks. Marjorie urges the incoming government to support these advancements, allowing the energy sector and local communities to embrace a greener, more sustainable future.

Marjorie outlined the path towards a more efficient and community-friendly approach to renewable energy, reinforcing Ridge Clean Energy’s commitment to a net zero future.

To read the full article, please see the Evening Standard City Voices section.

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