Proposed Renewable Energy Park for East Riding will provide energy rebate to the local community

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Published: November 2, 2022

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Ridge Clean Energy (RCE) has set out proposals for the Three Oaks Renewable Energy Park, an innovative hybrid renewable energy project that comes with benefits for the local communities.

The proposed 39MW park, situated in the East Riding of Yorkshire, would pair solar with battery storage. The combination of technologies will achieve efficient, domestic renewable energy generation.

“We develop each project with the scope to do so much more than generate power”, said Marjorie Glasgow BEM, co-founder and CEO of RCE, “We believe that combining clean energy with the needs of communities is the most powerful way to tackle climate change and its impacts,” she said.

“The Three Oaks Renewable Energy Park could help East Riding adapt to the biggest challenges currently facing communities in the UK – climate change, energy security, and the rising cost of living,” said Mrs Glasgow. “The Ridge team have a proven track record in developing high-quality UK renewable energy projects whilst working alongside local communities to create enduring and sustainable local benefits.”

“As part of our community benefit fund, we intend to provide a yearly energy rebate for properties nearest to the project,” said Daniela Jenkins BEM, Lead for Community Partnership. “From the start of the project, we have been engaging with parish councils, the local school and community groups to encourage and support communities on their path to net zero.”

The associated Three Oaks Community Benefit Fund is projected to provide a minimum of £20,000 per year for the lifespan of the project (up to 40 years), alongside a development team bringing talent and experience for delivering projects with enduring community benefits.

In addition to the Community Benefit Fund, RCE will also provide up-front seed capital and development assistance for community projects, so residents do not have to wait until the completion of the renewable energy park to start receiving benefits.

Caroline Wegrzyn, Business Manager for North Holderness Community Transport said “The Three Oaks Renewable Energy Park is an exciting opportunity for locally generated renewable electricity, I am sure this will be an asset to this community.  Any help towards lower cost electricity for local people will be very much welcome I am sure.  HART community transport operate 2 electric vehicles and are eager to embrace the move towards more greener energy use.  Projects like Three Oaks Renewable Energy Park lead the way to new ways of working and we are interested to learn how communities and businesses can benefit from this technology and project.  We have welcomed and appreciated the opportunity for community engagement which Ridge Clean Energy have created and sustained.”

The site for Three Oaks was sensitively and strategically identified based on existing access to the grid and appropriate use of the land, with the grid connection point being on the site. A recent poll carried out by Renewable UK[1] the industry trade body, found that 93% of constituents in East Yorkshire support solar power as a form of energy generation. The same poll also found that 91% of constituents in East Yorkshire support having renewable energy projects in their local area.

The project would provide substantial local wildlife enhancements by including wildflower meadow and species-rich grassland in between the rows of solar panels to encourage invertebrates and birds. Through an array of ecological enhancements, the project would deliver a substantial net gain of 69% to local biodiversity. Hedgerows and trees are to be planted or enhanced to help screen views of the project and support biodiversity.

In February 2022, Ridge Clean Energy held public exhibitions in Carnaby and Burton Agnes to engage with local communities. 75 local residents attended the exhibitions giving a positive and encouraging response to the project. Many also offered up ideas as to how the community benefit fund can further assist the community. RCE’s Community Partnership Team are looking at how to turn some of these ideas into reality.

Three Oaks Renewable Energy Park – Technical summary and benefits

  • The energy generated by the proposed Three Oaks project is equivalent to powering 8,620 East Riding homes.
  • The Community Benefit Fund could translate to a £100 (one hundred) yearly energy rebate for households nearest to the project.
  • Three Oaks should have an operational life of 40-years.
  • Three Oaks would benefit local biodiversity through wildflower meadow and species rich grassland between the panels, chosen specifically to compliment the local ecology by providing a plentiful supply of food and shelter.
  • At the end of its operational period, the site would be fully decommissioned and returned to its original land-use, with the added benefit of increased organic soil carbon content.

About Ridge Clean Energy

  • Ridge Clean Energy (RCE) is an Oxfordshire-based clean energy company, and its team has an established and successful history of working with landowners and local communities to research, develop, finance, construct and operate renewable projects across the UK.
  • RCE supports businesses and communities across the UK in their mission to become net zero by 2050, combining renewable energy projects with a community hub and integrated app.
  • The Ridge team works with local groups to determine how projects can support local activities. We look at all opportunities to add value in a local context, including peatland restoration and biodiversity enhancement.
  • More information about what we do can be found here, and you can watch our community ethos video here.

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