Our Mission

Creating Sustainable Clean Energy Projects with Enduring Local Benefits

Our mission is to generate renewable energy in a way that creates enduring local benefits and connections so that communities can thrive as the UK transitions to a greener, more resilient future.

Ridge Clean Energy - Our History

Our Model


Successful projects require alignment of interests amongst landowners, communities, local businesses and policymakers.

The Ridge Clean Energy team works hard to understand interests and build enduring partnerships.

We believe that building trust with local communities must be central to any energy transition policy. A collaborative approach also enhances social acceptance, social equity and environmental protection.

We offer a unique approach within the renewable energy industry by partnering with the local community for the lifetime of the project, and we start our community partnership work several years before our projects become operational.

Our Vision

Renewable Energy Parks

We currently have a portfolio of Renewable Energy Parks under development.

We believe that combining multiple technologies, such as generation and storage, into a single project is the best way of maximising land use and achieving the goal of Net Zero. Read about our co-location strategy here.

Throughout the project development stage, we consult with local people and the feedback received helps shape the final design of our Renewable Energy Parks, which include proposals to greatly enhance the biodiversity of the area, create new habitats, and offer food and shelter to wildlife. Read more about our local community engagement practices here.

Renewable Energy Park Concept

  Our Projects