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Published: March 27, 2024

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Ridge Clean Energy (RCE), a UK-based renewable energy company, launched an innovative awards scheme – The Climate Care Awards – at an Oxfordshire primary school. The Climate Care Awards will encourage environmental awareness and action for individuals of all ages.

Education is an integral part of RCE’s community engagement work. The Climate Care Awards have been designed to inspire sustainable living, heighten Climate Change awareness, and increase understanding of what individuals, of any age, and their communities can do to make a positive contribution to the health of our planet.

As part of the Climate Care Awards, children will be encouraged first to work together with their classmates and their families to calculate their carbon footprint, and second to take small steps to reduce it, by, for example, turning off lights, shopping second-hand and planting their own vegetables.

The Climate Care Awards are launching in Primary schools first, with participation for Secondary Schools, Higher Education and Adult groups to follow. The targets for each Climate Care Award level focus on the areas of “Food, Travel, Home and Stuff” to bring the targets in line with the WWF carbon calculator. The Awards consist of 3 levels – Bronze (Awareness), Silver (Action) and Gold (Leadership). On completion of each level, the pupil will receive a badge to recognise and celebrate their level of achievement.

Marjorie Glasgow BEM, Co-founder and CEO of Ridge Clean Energy said, “Climate change might seem like too big a challenge for any one individual to take on, especially a child, but we know that cutting down our individual carbon emissions does make a difference. We are thrilled to be encouraging younger schoolchildren to help us mitigate the effects of climate change through the Climate Care Awards, helping new generations shape the future of their planet. Ridge is happy to share the Climate Care Awards programme with other renewable companies and other groups who would like to take it to the schools in the communities they serve.”

One of the first schools to take part in the Awards is Charlbury Primary School in Oxfordshire, where a Climate Care Club will be held weekly. The Climate Care Club will enable participants to have a go at achieving the award targets along with enjoying hands-on activities that will develop an understanding of the carbon cycle, personal carbon footprints, carbon capture and renewable energy. Badges for the Climate Care Awards achievers will be presented at an end of term celebration assembly.

Mrs Kirstie Mahony, Year 3 Teacher and Sustainability Lead at Charlbury Primary School, said, “We are delighted that Ridge Clean Energy have launched the Climate Care Awards here with us at Charlbury Primary School. Our pupils are passionate about the environment and want to do all they can to make a difference. The Climate Care Awards will show their commitment to the cause and allow them to lead by example.”

As part of its unique approach, RCE works closely with local communities on all their renewable energy projects, assigning Community Partnership Coordinators to build relationships within each community to find out what ideas and initiatives will make a real and tangible difference to the area.

RCE’s Community Partnership Coordinator Teresa Hall said: “We’re excited to be working together with Charlbury Primary School to launch the awards. We know the pupils will meet the challenge set to them by the Awards with great enthusiasm. By bringing together education, community activism and carbon emission awareness, we stand a fighting chance to tackle climate change.”

The next steps of the Climate Care Awards will involve engaging Secondary and Higher Education students as well as adults in the Awards.

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