Ridge Clean Energy are developing a renewable energy park, consisting of wind turbines, a solar array and battery energy storage system, on land to the south east of Oughterby and north of Wiggonby, Cumbria.

The progress of the project will be updated on this website, posting news on:

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You can contact the project team using the link above with comments, questions, or ideas.

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Ridge Clean Energy

Project Outline

  • The project would be located on privately owned mixed arable and dairy farmland, approximately 10km west of Carlisle city centre, south of Oughterby and north of Wiggonby.
  • The project could generate up to 24MW of solar photovoltaic energy, and 16.8MW of wind energy, totalling 40.8MW of renewable energy.
    The solar arrays would be situated on 24 hectares of farmland. Four wind turbines, each with a maximum tip height (when the blade is vertical) of 149.5 metres, would be situated on land to the south west of the solar arrays.
  • The project could host up to 20MW of BESS (Battery Energy Storage System).
  • It is currently estimated that the renewable energy park will generate the equivalent electricity needs of approximately 16,900 Allerdale homes (based on average domestic consumption per household of 4070kWh p.a., DBEIS 2021).
  • From the displacement of electricity generated from fossil fuel powered generation, the proposed development would offset the emissions of a significant quantity of carbon dioxide. This reduction in emissions would contribute to the national legislation of net zero emissions by 2050, as well as the climate emergency declared by Allerdale Borough Council (now part of Cumberland Council).
  • The project would result in a net gain for biodiversity, through new ecological and enhanced planting measures.
  • Once the renewable energy park is operating, funding will be made available to the local community to help fund community initiatives.

Infrastructure, Surveys & EIA


A range of infrastructure will be required as part of the new renewable energy park, which will include wind turbines, ground-mounted solar panels, inverters, a Battery Energy Storage System (BESS), transformer units, switch gear and substation, and temporary construction compounds.


Our proposals and designs for the site will be guided by data gathered during surveys; technical assessments; by advice provided by independent environmental consultants; and, community feedback. Ecological surveys began in 2020 and continued through 2022. The technical assessment reports will be provided within the reporting that will accompany our planning application.

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

An Environmental Statement will be submitted with the planning application to assist Cumberland Council when determining the application.

Renewable Energy Generation


Battery Storage


Homes Powered

Up to 16,900


We are currently undertaking technical site assessments and surveys, the results of which will help inform the final site design and be reported as part of our planning application submission to Cumberland Council.

On the 2nd and 3rd of August 2022, we held two public exhibitions – one at Aikton Parish Council Rooms and the other at Kirkbampton Village Hall. Below you can view the information that was on display at these events.

Our plan is to submit a Planning Application to Cumberland Council in the near future.

Posters from Public Exhibitions August 2022

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Newsletter July 2022

What We Do

Successful projects require alignment of interests amongst landowners, communities, policy makers, and businesses.

The Ridge team works hard to understand interests and build enduring partnerships.

  Community Partnerships

Ridge Clean Energy work in partnership with your community and local groups to discover where we can help make a real difference. This page will evolve as we know more about local projects and community needs.

As part of our work on the proposed Great Oaks Renewable Energy Park, we are already liaising with residents and local businesses.

  Community Benefits

There are a number of potential projects that the Great Oaks Renewable Energy Park could support. We welcome your views and inputs on opportunities in the area where we could make a difference.

We are also fully aware of the impact that current energy costs are having on people. A significant portion of the community benefit would contribute towards energy costs for households surrounding the project, on an annual basis once the renewable park is up and running.

As well as community benefits, the Great Oaks Renewable Energy Park intends to deliver a substantial net gain in biodiversity, supporting the local environment. This would, for example, include species-rich seed mix in between the rows of solar panels to encourage birds, bees and other wildlife into the area.

  Our Experience

We have an experienced Community Partnership Team that work with local communities to create enduring local benefits.

Each project is assigned a Community Partnership Coordinator, who will forge relationships with key stakeholders in the area to identify and develop local initiatives and ideas that will support the community and its path to Net Zero.

Alongside our experience, we can also provide up-front seed capital and support with fundraising for local projects, allowing a community to benefit right from the beginning of the partnership.

  Community Survey

Please note that any comments sent via the channels outlined below do not constitute a formal representation to the Local Planning Authority. There will be an opportunity to submit formal representations to the Local Planning Authority upon submission of a planning application.


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Or write to: Ridge Clean Energy, Noah's Ark, Market Street, Charlbury, OX7 3PL.

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