Diana Sirbu

Project Officer    

Meet Diana Sirbu, an ecology enthusiast with a background in Environmental Science and Sustainability. Diana completed her studies at University of Glasgow, where she honed her expertise in various aspects of sustainability, including policy development and implementation.

With a deep passion for addressing pressing global environmental challenges, Diana has gained extensive experience in nature-based solutions for environmental management. Her dedication and knowledge have allowed her to actively contribute to the development and execution of sustainable initiatives, making a significant positive impact on local environmental conservation efforts. She has a remarkable ability to identify key areas where sustainable solutions can be implemented to achieve a harmonious balance between economic growth and environmental preservation.

Her global perspective and cross-cultural adaptability have been instrumental in navigating the intricate landscapes of stakeholder involvement. Throughout her career, Diana has collaborated with diverse stakeholders, including non-profit organizations and research institutions, to deliver innovative and impactful projects that address pressing environmental challenges and promote sustainable development.

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