Commercially-Minded Property Lawyer Role: Outline

Description: Ridge Clean Energy is seeking to hire a property lawyer with a commercial mindset and track-record as its suite of renewable energy and natural carbon projects grows rapidly.

Responsibilities: This individual will work with, support and report to the Ridge Clean Energy COO in reviewing, negotiating and shaping the commercial and legal elements of its property agreements. As such, this individual will bring their extensive property law experience to bear in their collaboration with the COO, the CEO and other team members as needed.

Key Characteristics:

  • At least five years of experience in property law as a property solicitor, engaging on multiple high-stakes and high-pressure files.
  • A strong interest in the renewable energy and natural carbon sectors and in the economic and social opportunities to be achieved through a shift to a lower-carbon-based economy.
  • Experience in the financing elements of large-scale projects, whether in renewable energy or other sectors.
  • A clear sense of risk in the commercial elements of property law, as well as the assuming of risk through prior roles, for example through serving as an in-house legal counsel on commercial projects.
  • A proactive, confident and assertive demeanor, in which the candidate is capable of advocating for the company’s interests firmly but diplomatically.
  • The ability to work at the Ridge Clean Energy Oxfordshire headquarters in person, as opposed to virtually.
  • The ability to work adaptively as part of engaging with internal and external legal support and external stakeholders in the advancing of Ridge Clean Energy priorities.

Desired Characteristics:

  • A proven track-record with on-shore renewable energy projects in the United Kingdom, in particular (it is a plus if the candidate also has experience on renewable projects in Europe or North America).
  • An entrepreneurial nature, especially in relation to opportunities in the renewable energy and natural carbon sectors (e.g. in peat restoration and in the drafting of peat restoration agreements, carbon credit sales and sales agreements).
  • An understanding of residential, commercial and rural property law.
  • Prior engagement with landowners and land agents, for instance in the areas of rural estate and/or family estate planning.
  • Prior exposure to Scottish property law.
  • Prior experience working across cultures, whether regionally or internationally.
  • A general disposition of eagerness, enthusiasm and interest in contributing to the growth of a dynamic company in a critical industry.

Expectations: This role is originally envisaged as part-time, but with potential increase in hours in line with the growth of Ridge Clean Energy and performance in the role.